Ascending Etiquette: Understanding and Practice of Modern Etiquette and Manners



Etiquette creates self-confidence. It teaches us about how a culture functions When we know the social norms in various social situations, we can easily meet those expectations for positive outcomes. By knowing how to read social cues and communicating effectively, foster meaningful relationships and create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere wherever we go. (Etiquette Offerings: Modern Social Etiquette {Welcoming Behaviors, Eye Contact, Shaking Hands, Introducing Yourself, Responding When Introduced, Introducing Others, Showing Proper Respect, Common Courtesies, Helping Behaviors/Kindness}; Communication Skills {Proper Greetings and Introductions, Conversation, Listening, Nonverbal Communication, Public Speaking, Communication in School, Telephone Etiquette, Electronic Etiquette, Acts of Kindness & Respect, Use of Common Courtesies}; Table Manners {Place Settings, Identifying Utensils and Glassware, Proper Use of Napkins).


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