Life Empowerment Service

Is Life Coaching for Your Kid?

“When to Add a Life Coach for Kids to Your Parenting Team” is a quick checklist that helps parents determine whether a life coach for kids is a good choice for their family.

The Parent Checklist is designed to help parents determine - in under 60 seconds - whether a Life Coach for Kids could help their child.

A poster with the steps to take for parents.

If you want to support your kid(s) in developing strong mental health so that they are confident and prepared to thrive in life, then life coaching may be for your Parent Team!

Ascensions Coaching Services

All Ascensions Life Coaching Services offerings are in bundled packages (averaging 4 -6 sessions) and are delivered via Zoom, except for the workshop offerings, which are not bundled and may be offered via Zoom or in person.

One-on-One Sessions

This service is offered through Zoom, and it allows personalization and flexibility.

Call now to schedule a session.

Group Sessions

This service is great because it allows for group interaction and dynamics that some kids need to learn. You can sign up for an advertised group session (workshop) and meet new people, or you can get your own group together and contact me. Contact us, and we can discuss a plan that best fits you.


Periodically, workshop offerings will be public. Keep an eye on these events, which may be public or virtual. If you would like to be notified of any upcoming offerings, please forward your contact info for follow-up.

A chart showing the different types of counseling.